How do I Choose an LED Screen?

LED screens are widely in use these days, be it for domestic or commercial purposes. These have now become the standard technology for display purposes. Electronic devices like mobile phones, TVs, tablets, computer monitors, laptop screens, etc., use a LED display to display their output. And if you are looking for a smart advertising solution for your business, digital billboards can make your brand stand out from the rest. With a sharp, vivid display, you can capture the attention of passersby promptly. The most significant benefit is that it is very cost-effective and has low energy consumption.

Moreover, LEDs have several advantages over other light-emitting sources that can be used alternatively. Besides being power efficient, LEDs have tremendous light intensity and produce better light. These are low maintenance and are highly resistant to damage.

These are the following things to keep in mind while choosing an LED screen:


The brightness of the LED screen is one of the essential features that you need to be cautious about. A screen that is too bright will cause discomfort, while a too dim screen will hamper visibility. Therefore, go for the one with suitable nits. The common brightness conditions are 800 to 1,500 nits for indoor displays and 5000+ for outdoor displays.

Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch is a very prominent feature as it affects the optimum viewing distance and the visual performance of an LED screen. It tells us about the pixel density and resolution. A smaller pixel pitch indicates higher pixel density and higher resolution.

IP Rating

An IP rating of LED light is the measurement of protection that LED light will have against liquid (water) and solid (dirt, dust, etc.) objects. Indoor and outdoor LED lights come with different Ingress Protection (IP) ratings. There are two numbers in the IP rating; the first number (0 to 6), in a solid IP rating. It shows the resistance against solid objects. The second number (0 to 8) indicates the safety against water. The most used waterproof LED lights are IP65 LED lights.

Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate is the value that tells how many times per second screen displays data. The minimum refresh rate is 400 Hz, and it may go as high as 9000 Hz, but it may result in reduced brightness. To display beautifully and vibrantly, the refresh rate needs to be at least 1000Hz.


DIP has 3 separate diodes, whereas SMD has seamless diodes formed by 3 colores mounted on a die. Both the concepts do the same job, but DIP is faster and easier to manufacture; therefore, it is cost-effective. SMD, on the other hand, gives high resolution due to its compact form. DIP is the most durable and stable solution for outdoor led display. And SMD is more popular now due to its better picture quality, higher resolution, and wider viewing angle, best suited for indoors.

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LED Screen: Do You Know Many LED Installation Ways?

How does an LED display work?

LED is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. An LED emits light from electric luminescence. It is also known as “cold light,” as the light is not produced by heating a metal filament. An LED display comprises many closely-spaced LEDs. By fluctuating the brightness of each LED, the diodes together form an image on display. LED emits light when passing through two specially coated silicon semiconductors. It is one of the most energy-efficient and power-saving ways to generate lightWhen an LED is on, it emits zero heat. This almost eradicates the problem of cooling down the electronic parts. 

There are two main types of LED display – backlit displays that utilize an array of LEDs to light the screen and LED screens that operate by emitting light in RGB colors right from the face of the display. RGB is short for Red, Green, and Blue. A color scheme considers that all visible colors can be mixed from these three primary colors. It is used in almost all types of displays. These three colors blend to form a pixel. By altering the intensity of the diodes, lots of colors can be formed. When you look at the LED screen from a certain distance, the array of colored pixels is seen as an image.

There are three main configurations of LED screens for domestic and commercial use:-

Direct-Lit – This is the most suitable configuration and uses a limited amount of LEDs. Since these are wider and can’t be controlled individually, they provide less of a complex image. However, they are perfect for larger, more affordable displays where a higher definition is not required. These screens tend to be quite deep, as the space required behind the screen to fit the larger LEDs and diffusers.

Edge-Lit – This is the most widely used form of the LED screen. In this configuration, LEDs are positioned only at the screen edges, enabling the screens to be thinner. Although there are fewer LEDs in this configuration than in comparison to the entire array, there might have problems with dynamic lighting if your screen hasn’t been properly configured.

 Full-Array – Well, this is the most sought-after type of LED backlighting and expensive from the point of manufacturing. The LEDs are allocated evenly to produce a more consistent light, which allows for more dynamic colors and lighting. Some full array LED screens also use colored LEDs, which enable an even broader and deeper range of colors.

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Video Wall Supplier in Dubai - PixelPLUS

How do you measure the resolution size of an LED screen?

The world around us is evolving with new and better inventions every day. As technology improves daily, people thrive to know more about the technology they use in day-to-day life. After mobile phones, the invention of LEDs has proven to be extremely practical and advantageous in many ways. LED Display (light-emitting diode display) is a screen display technology that emanates light from a panel of LEDs. Electronic devices like mobile phones, TVs, tablets, computer monitors, laptop screens, etc., use a LED display to display their output. LEDs can fit in any size and shape, and viewing capacity is not influenced by daytime or brighter areas. Thus, LED screens to push both creative and productive boundaries keeping in mind both the physical build and the content being formed.

If you are planning to buy a sleek LED screen for commercial or household purposes, don’t forget to be extra careful about the screen resolution of LED screens. The display resolution of LED display devices is the number of different pixels in each dimension that is being displayed. Resolution is the crucial measurement of how much information a screen shows depending upon the total number of pixels within the display area and determines the quality of the image.

It is usually recounted as width × height, with the units in pixels: for example, “1024×768” means the width is 1024 pixels, and the height is 768 pixels.

The LED Display consists of an LED unit board; the pixel pitch and LED screen size are below. For any prominent LED screen, the procedure to calculate the specification of LED video display is as follows:

● Full color P6 outdoor LED Display: 192mm × 192mm

● Full color P8 outdoor LED display (small board): 256mm × 128mm

● Full color P8 outdoor LED display (Big board): 320mm × 160mm

● Full-colour P10 outdoor LED display: 320mm × 160mm

● Full color P12 outdoor LED Display: 192mm × 192mm

● Full color P16 outdoor LED Display: 256mm × 128mm

Various LED display companies have various module dimensions. To show a good quality video on the LED Display, it will need a total resolution of 50,000 pixels. They are buying an LED as per the size, quality, environment, and purpose co-dependents on your need and the work that has to be done. You need not panic about installation or services as PixelPLUS is here for you. Buying LEDs is a one-time investment, and PixelPLUS understands that. PixelPLUS, a renowned brand in Dubai, offers a broad scope of LED Display Screens to upgrade your resolution. PixelPLUS has arisen as a leading LED Display creator and is known for its quality item and administrations. Their LED screens are of premium quality and bring an excellent level of picture quality

How do you make a large LED screen?

You don’t need to be an engineer to make such a LED video screen. Also, making an LED screen makes you feel good and helps you in many ways. It can help you enjoy movies of your choice, studying on a big screen and many more.


  • To make a LED screen, the first important step is the selection of LED panels:

Use a LED modules with a resolution of supposing 64×64 pixels. Each pixel has a size of 3x3mm, and so the total module size becomes 192x192mm. However, you can buy the number of panels according to your choice. Suppose you buy 12 such panels.

  • Arrange the cables and connectors needed:

In the bundle of the panels, you get some of the power cables and interface cables that you will need while making the screen. Look for 4 x 5V DC power cables with two outputs. 8x Flat Data cable with two outputs in it.

  • Look for the RGB LED panel controller:

You can control the LED screens consisting of five panels horizontally and vertically. A total of 25 panels suppose. However, these RGB LED panel supports control and downloading of the program over the local network. Also, the video playback and when installing the Wi-Fi module and wireless connection to the computer.

  • Laptop:

Make sure you have a laptop with a DVI interface. Also, Install the latest LED Studio Control Software.

  • Hub:

Hub is needed to connect the panels.

  • Controller:

The controller is used to control the overflow of pixels.

  • Power supply :

You will need a power supply of 200 watts and a voltage of 5 volts. However, the current consumption in this can be 40 or more amperes.

  • Case:

If you want to make different screens, large and small, then these cases will be helpful.

STEP – 2 :

Connect all the parts (LED Display module, LED receiving card, LED power supply ) with the help of a screwdriver and power in ON mode.

STEP – 3 :

Connect the laptop and config the LED screen by the LED studio. Also, set up the correct configuration of the Graphic card and sending box.

  • Send the correct RCG files to the LED module.
  • Make the correct resolution for LED Receiver.
  • Also, do the white balance test on the led to check the dead LED.

STEP -4:

Make the playlist by LED studio and play whatever you want to play with the screen.

Try to make your own LED screen with some new creativity available online. Also, you can purchase the finished led video display from led display factories as well. But, if you do not want to buy it and sell it instead. It will be the best way to create an LED screen at minimum spending. Also, by Novastar LED control system, you can build a LED screen of your own.

What is the difference between a fixed LED screen and a Rental LED screen?

A LED screen is a level board show that uses an assortment of light-communicating diodes as pixels for a video show. Their brightness permits them to be utilized outside, where they are noticeable in the sun for store signs and announcements. Lately, they have likewise gotten used in destination signs on vehicles. Fundamentally, the rental screen should be continually moving, rehashed, dismantling and establishment, so the item necessities are higher, fit as a fiddle plan, underlying model, material choice are meticulous. The followings points are the key differences between the two:

  • To begin with, the Fixed LED screen is installed turn by turn, the size is very standardized, and Rental LED screen prerequisites are repeated establishments, dismantling, staff can rapidly complete work, decrease client work costs.
  • Second, the Rental LED screen for transport and treatment of the slight knock has a solid resistance compared to Fixed LED screen, size to adjust to the vehicle stacking framework, particularly the trans-continent, is significantly extraordinary.
  • Third, because the Rental LED screens frequently need to be carried, so the design of the LED screen itself have the option to withstand the rough handling; or during the time of handling it is highly vulnerable to collision, LED harm if a LED light is broken, that can influence the overall impact.
  • Fourthly, the vast majority of Fixed LED screen is public mold, while Rental LED screen is private mold, the contrast between public mold and private mold is acquisition. The private mold surface is contacted easily.
  • Lastly, Rental LED screens are costly. Initially: the mold is costlier, thoroughly pass on projecting design. On account of special establishment, you should think about its acquisition. For a light and basic collect and dismantle reason, you discover rental LED Display is perfect in links. Since rental showcase should be exceptionally advantageous for laborers to collect, or it becomes wastage of time for laborers. At the same time, the Fixed LED screen is heavy because you don’t have to assemble it again.

Lately, LED shows have developed quickly, essentially considering their numerous benefits like high brightness, low forward voltage, low power utilization, simple enormous scope establishments, long life expectancy, impact resistance, and stable execution. Outside LED screens are a mainstream medium to convey business ads and different kinds of data for people in general. They give high permeability and can be handily fixed on various types of designs like structures of buildings, hoardings, shop windows, and so on. Outdoor or indoor Rental LED screen, Dubai or Rental LED display, Dubai, Abu Dhabi smooths out with the name of Pixel PLUS who presents standard administrations.

Buying Guide of LED Screen

How to Buy an Appropriate and Cost-effective LED Display

Nowadays, LED Display is one of the main screen displays that are being used for commercial as well as domestic purposes. LED Display (light-emitting diode display) is a screen display technology that derives light from a panel of LEDs. Electronic devices like mobile phones, TVs, tablets, computer monitors, laptop screens, etc., use a LED display to display their output. The most significant advantage of the LED Display is that it is efficient and has low energy consumption, which is especially required for handhelds and chargeable devices such as mobile phones and tablets. An LED display is made up of several LED panels that, in turn, consist of several LEDs. LEDs have several advantages over other light-emitting sources that can be used alternatively. Apart from being power efficient, LEDs have greater light intensity and produce more light.

Choosing the best LED Display is no small matter. It should be worth every penny spent on it. You need to keep in mind some features while looking for an appropriate and cost-effective LED display.

Image Clarity per pixel pitch

Pixel pitch is the most important feature of LED displays, as it influences the viewing distance. It is the distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels. It tells us about the resolution and pixel density. A smaller pixel pitch suggests higher pixel density and higher resolution. If you are looking for an intelligent outdoor display, choose it by determining the optimal viewing distance of your screen.

IP Rating

IP Rating is International Protection Rating, the rating of a product’s ability to withstand liquid and dust intrusion. Every LED equipment is dust and water-resistant. IP Rating tells us about the power of LED screens to protect themselves from all sorts of external conditions that can be harmful to the device.


Brightness is measured in terms of Nits (unit of luminance). If you are looking for an efficient LED with a brighter screen, go for the one with suitable nits. The common brightness conditions are 800 to 1,500 nits for indoor displays and 5000+ for outdoor displays.

Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate is the value that tells how many times per second our screen displays data. The refresh rate may go as high as 9000 Hz, but it may result in reduced brightness.


DIP has three separate diodes, whereas SMD has seamless diodes formed by three colores mounted on a die. Both the concepts do the same job, but DIP is faster and easier to manufacture; therefore, it is cost-effective. SMD, on the other hand, gives high resolution due to its compact form.

How can Digital Signage Display In Dubai Be of Use?

Where can we get a LED video wall in Dubai?

PixelPLUS is a renowned brand in Dubai, offering a wide scope of LED Display Screens to upgrade your resolution. PixelPLUS has arisen as a main LED Display creator and is known for its quality item and administrations. They are devoted and submitted towards making, assembling, and selling the best-LED items, including indoor/outside drove show for fixed/rental application, bent LED video divider, fine pixel pitch, and LED van show. The organization puts stock in building long-haul associations with their customers and spotlight on accomplishing consumer loyalty by conveying you the best-LED show administrations at moderate costs and inside time. Finding LED Video wall Rental in Dubai has become so much easier with PixelPLUS.

Why should you choose PixelPLUS?

  • High Quality and Durable: PixelPLUS believes in quality and excellent methods of sturdiness. With PixelPLUS, you will get top-notch custom items that will give your space another definition. These LED screens offer you the opportunity to make wonderful visuals to draw in your clients and permit you to introduce things in a very bright way.
  • Trained staff: They have a group of prepared staff who will assist you with installing the LED screens at your place. They will assist you with installing both Indoor or Outdoor LED screens in Dubai at a sensible expense and help you captivate every one of the contenders. You can call them to investigate your issues whenever. The company customer care is available 24×7 to help you!
  • Cost-Effective: PixelPLUS offers you a financially effective rental LED screen arrangement. They are one of the top LED Screen Suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, al ain, Sharjah UAE, known for their quality and sensible cost. If you need to make your sessions connecting with your customers, they are the ones for you! They furnish total LED screen solutions with trend-setting innovation.

PixelPLUS is an eminent name in the LED industry that offers a better encounter to the viewers. They have their underlying foundations planted in UAE, holding an extraordinary spot in Dubai. They bring durable LED video walls in Dubai to change the standpoint of your screen. PixelPLUS is a name to give your eyes another vibe and a more extensive picture.  

Their LED screens are of premium quality and bring an extremely good level of picture quality. Their sensible LEDs, durable impact, and high-deficiency picture can keep your eyeballs stuck to the screen. LEDs are not ordinary as they have delicate edge building, an ideal quality to elevate your mood and view. Renting or buying LED video wall in Dubai means all solutions on a platform.

They work with the best hardware and like to make their customers trust in their undertaking. PixelPLUS generally attempt to walk the additional mile to fulfill their clients and endeavor to stride ahead from their assumptions. They believe that a bigger experience is a better experience!

How Digital Signage and Video Wall Helps to Uplift Business

3 Major Facts about LED Video Wall

Evolving technology has brought unprecedented changes in the world. The booming growth makes people comprehend the need and desire to know it properly. After mobile phones, another leading trend in the present time is LED walls, digital signage adding benefit to your life.

How can video walls work for you?

If you ponder over this question then you are not different from the majority of people as everyone wants to know the purpose. Video wall is a screen where HD picture, high-quality sound can help to enhance your vision. Its usage can uplift the view of things and can solve the purpose of multiple things.

You can amazingly use video wall to maintain the display fluency on screen, and doubles the level of entertainment, from home to office, everywhere the use of video wall can engage you. To say, video walls can be known as the second name of entertainment.

Is LED safe?

Just as other gadgets, LEDs are evenly safe. The light emitted through LED causes no environmental issues and no damage to the eyes.  It is functioned in a way to safeguard your eyes properly.

What purposes LED or Video wall can solve?

For every individual, this LED can work differently. For instance, it can be utilized in given ways:

  • Security: The first benefit is surveillance to add in rooms. It aids in keeping an eye all around, and the security team can monitor the happenings on premises.
  • Advertising: Well! it is a source to advertise your products to the customers and accustom them that what you do and how it can work for them. It can work for videos or graphic advertisement.
  • Monitoring: there are various sectors such as offices, factories, showrooms and many more that needs to keep a record of employees and office. In such a case, you can use LED walls that are large enough to have a vivid view of every happening.
  • Interaction: Your thought on interaction with LED is valid enough, but we believe that communicating any service, product by an LED wall can bring fruitful results. You can advertise and notify the audience about what you sell. The larger view brings fantastic results.

Will it benefit in the long run?

Without a doubt! This latest technology is a contactless way to reach customers. They can view the product displayed, and relevant clients would make their way towards you. No matter how big or small a business is, a start-up or ongoing organization, you can win the audience.

The time has gone by when you had to contemplate a lot. Get in connection with our team at PixelPlus, and we will give you more in-depth knowledge.

Why should you buy or rent LED?

Are you aiming to host an event outside for a great audience? Have you planned to keep it grand with entertainment incorporated in information? Whether you are running a small company or big, you are an event organizer, every occasion designed for an audience can be settled with a full-size outdoor screen.

What is best to buy or rent an LED?

There must be running thoughts to prefer rented or purchase an LED for your usage. As per PixelPlus, we concur that as per your reliabilities and, requirements you should choose your option.

What if I buy an outdoor LED screen?

Purchasing an LED for your business or organization would add a technology benefit. You can count these perks:

  • Expose your target brand, service anytime to viewers with a startling set of videos and graphics.
  • Present yourself in the ongoing events and avail an opportunity to boost yourself in the entire market.
  • Social media instantly assists in changing the content uploaded and help you to sustain in the market progressively.
  • It helps you spread your message and could benefit in generating revenue.

What if I choose LED on rent?

There is considerable potential too in renting LED. Rentals even bestow excellent options and hold prospective to win the deal. However, certain things are needed to be understood well, such as:

  • Consider the pricing factor when buying LED on rent by comprehending the location and screen space. LEDs have various dimensions, so rates vary accordingly.
  • Another aspect is the purpose for which LED is desired be it entertainment or professional grounds.
  • Also, you should not let go of the site from where you will purchase it. In the rush of places, the trustworthy and genuine seller cannot be else than PixelPlus that possess the best LEDs around. Not only the hardware but with the aid of a fantastic team, we believe to keep the software requirements fulfilled.
  • You need to know the type of product you want to buy, such as mobile LED, modular, indoor or outdoor. Even more, go through the technical specifications like brightness, IP rating, resolution, pixel pitch and many more.

To begin the buying process of rental LED, always think to:

  • Contact the provider
  • Plan with proper information
  • Check the content possibilities
  • Consider technical parts
  • Comprehend your price charts

It is wholly on buyer’s need that whether they require LED on rent or want to buy. We at PixelPlus are always at a point to assist our customers in making their best choice. Even if any query lies, you can directly get in touch with us.

How Video Walls can Benefit in Retail Sector and Mega Cities?

Do you know these attractive content points for the video wall?

Imagine having a beautiful screen hanging on the wall of your room, adding grace to the place, an element of innovation and a wow factor to the viewers’ experience. Placing an LED fosters the understanding of the customer and makes a new link for communication.

Not in rooms, but this change can effectively benefit businesses, schools, organizations to address the interaction experience. In short, the world of innovation brings a point where challenges, customer’s requirements, and new services’ optimization are possible through this source.  

Implying this advent in professional usage demand a myriad of elements, out of which, content is prominent. To avoid the pitfalls, here are some of the non-negligible factors in terms of content:

Keep the aspects right

You may wonder what aspects are those and what you require to consider. However, we suggest you not to baffle as getting aspects right means content as per the resolution of the screen. For an instance, if the size of the video wall is 960*540 16:9, then display files need to be 960*540p, 1920*1080, and so on. Make sure to keep the resolution of the file as per the LED board and not higher than necessary.

Use Graphics

Graphics are yet another factor to keep while displaying content. Static images or only content might at times won’t work as motion graphics can leave an impact.

Short is crisp

Most of the companies neglect the view of content in the advertisement which technically plays an indispensable role. Prefer to use minimum words, bold text and concise message to appeal viewers. When motion graphics blends with short and crisp content, it leaves a print on the minds of the audience. For example, imagine an advertisement running at the airport could grab the attention of how many viewers?

Use Contrasts

Using images, contents without any color contrast is a waste. The background and foreground of videos with content must not wash out when it is played. Even more, simplicity, resolution, motion, ratio and contrast equally need to be managed.

Timing is crucial

Don’t overlook the power of timing in displaying content or video. Display of LED requires a proper setup of every piece to retain attention. Every niche, every single displayed piece of content desires linking, to show results.

These are major factors when content has to play a function on the LED screen. No matter if you are using indoor LED, outdoor LED or any digital signage, we at PixelPlus can guide you. Our team assists clients to own the best LED and even work on the content part effectively. If any part of the LED or content remains unclear, we are here to sort all the predicaments.

Therefore, these are LED or video walls’ content related attractive points to include in your display for fantastic outcomes.