Need to know more what are the different types Of COB LED Lighting?

Are you contemplating changing all of your CFL and incandescent lighting in your home with LED lighting? PixelPLUS on your decision! You can save time and money by purchasing these lights from PixelPLUS is the most reliable online COB LED light. If you look through the options of lights, you’ll find many options to pick from. To make the best decision, you must first be aware of the different types of LED lighting. Therefore, the next time you visit a COB LED light in Dubai, you can request the appropriate lighting fixtures for LED according to your requirements and preferences. For more details on cob led you can contact PixelPLUS in Dubai


The Cob LED light bulbs are divided into different kinds based on their shape. There are three types: 


The spotlight: this kind of light will work great for task lighting.


GLS (GLS): Constructed to resemble classic incandescent bulbs, GLS LEDs can be used for ambient lighting.


Candle: The light is made in the form of candles and is ideal for accent and decorative lighting.


Forming like golf balls, they are ideal for ambient and decorative lighting.


Reflectors: The types of LEDs are utilized in public areas such as restaurants, museums, galleries, and commercial establishments, as well as workplaces where bright ambient lighting is needed. The reflective material behind the LED increases the light, making the area appear brighter.


Tubes are designed like conventional tube lighting; these LEDs provide ambient lighting.


In contrast to the traditional tube lights, these bulbs do not quickly blacken and provide lasting usage. There are many more types of! Check on the PixelPLUS website, for example, for different types!


If you go through the catalog of the online COB Strip Lighting Dubai, You can explore the many shades of LED lights that are available. The most popular colors are cool white amber, magenta, yellow cool white green, red, orange, and ultraviolet. There are also color-changing lights to provide decorative lighting.


Cob LED lights can be classified into two kinds by their structure. They can be classified as:


Chips in the Control Board (COB) light up.


In this kind of light, multiple diodes and chips are employed in the making. This produces a uniform light beam ideal as a general light source. It also decreases the energy used and prolongs the lamp’s lifespan.


Surface-mounted Device light


In this COB LED-based construction, it is evident how the LEDs have been directly connected to the circuit boards printed on. This means more connectivity, brighter light, and less energy use. Also, the area required is decreased, making it simpler to design smaller bulbs.


LED Lighting designs, supplies, and installs the highest quality LED lighting, providing the highest efficiency in energy and cost to industrial and commercial clients across LED COB Lights in Dubai and the neighboring countries.

As one of the best Digital Signage suppliers in Dubai

PixelPLUS leads Digital Signage Supplier in Dubai. As an expert catering to various businesses. From signboards, virtual menu forums, and indoor virtual shows. To big layout outside virtual signage shows. It provides each conventional signage and virtual signage answers for all varieties of desires and budgets.

Why do you have to choose PixelPLUS for digital signage requirements in Dubai?

When you choose Pixelplus, you are backed by a large team of signage experts. Who are committed to meeting your requirements? It offers answers proper from layout and fabrication, to set up and maintenance. With extensive industry experience, in-depth technical knowledge, and expertise. Our team can make innovative solutions. To reinforce businesses and amplify brands.

PixelPLUS has years of revel in growing and website hosting virtual signage. For many organizations, each huge and little, throughout the UAE. As an enterprise engaged within side the manufacture and delivery of signage. We’ve rolled out a couple of tasks for industries. Like transport, retail, actual estate, education, healthcare, hotel, hospitality, tourism, and government departments.

This is a virtual show and signage answers are tailor-made to fit the dimensions. Each organization, each in phrases or pricing and sustainability. We are committed to growing virtual shows and signage answers that suit the desires of our clients. The Signage is among the uncommon video wall. The organizations making astounding Video Wall Signage Dubai.

Digital signage solutions, we specialize in:

As one of the main Digital Signage suppliers in Dubai. We’ve designed, synthesized, and established hundreds of signboards. The virtual signage doors display for 100+ businesses. Therefore, whether it’s for informational, promotional, or for wayfinding purposes. We are bound to have the simplest digital solution for your purpose. Computerized signage organization offers quality items and administrations for Video Wall Signage Dubai.

Here are some of our offerings:

  • POS Display
  • Signboards
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Large Format Outdoor Digital Signage
  • Digital Information Boards
  • LED Displays
  • Digital Billboards
  • Interactive Digital Signage
  • Digital Standing Signage
  • Digital Way finders
  • Digital Notice Boards

Advantages of digital signage from PixelPLUS

You can beautify your purchaser revel in with virtual signage answers from Pixelplus. An effective medium with big possibilities, our virtual signage allows you to:

  • Speak with your clients, guests, and representatives and scatter data
  • Update data without changing the actual unit
  • Convey a lot of data, live news, and updates
  • Advance your items and administrations
  • Play DVDs, alongside TV streaming
  • Pull in clients by showing offers and limits
  • Engage your crowd and furnish them with an artistic encounter
  • Furnish your clients with way to discover support

Disposes of the expense of printing

Quality video wall answers can do great for selling your enterprise. Getting your voice heard by people. We have the knowledge, information, and each. One of the assets required to install indoor and doors video wall answers. The offers across-the-clock maintenance support. We, being the foremost capable video wall suppliers. Believe in discovering and supporting our client’s needs. From conceptualization to imaginative content development. The Fitting, Pixelplus desires to supply the simplest solution for its clients.

An Overview of Video Wall:

Pixelplus presents world-elegance-led wall panels from the world’s main manufacturers. Which presents your ideal visible experience? Our notable merchandise and tailored answers are utilized in Retails. Hospitality, Exhibition centers, Colleges, Hospitals, Banks, and different industrial and home places. Pixelplus shape the largest latest generation with clever and easy-to-use video wall systems. Our LCD video partitions are applied within side the market.

Leading quality led video walls supplied by us have gathered immense attention. Within the advertising industry of the center east, and for all the proper reasons. It is considered one of the simplest ways to be in-tuned together with your probable clients. Many benefits are supplied with the aid of using a video wall controller. They are green to apply and are the most innovative marketing and marketing choice. Managing video walls provided by us. Thus, hassle-free and doesn’t involve much effort.

Interactive video wall displays are an efficient mode of communication. If you would like to communicate a message across your addressees. Whether it’s a suggestion, discount, or other important data. The video walls are a crucial means of communication. Many businesses around the world use a video wall for this very reason. Video partitions offer a miles higher way to bring a proposal or a billboard. Then many different mediums. Video partitions are a valuable manner. To draw your target market and produce your messages.

Video Walls also are utilized in control rooms. Control rooms are an important component of any major operation. Control rooms are constructing blocks of city-huge control. From visitors’ control, security, Surveillance, procedure management, or utilities. Ensuring get entry to every complicated element. Real-time records have emerged as a need for room operators. With Video walls, round-the-clock vigilance, and tracking in real-time. Have become handy and manageable.

We are a famous virtual signage & video wall dealer organization inside. The Middle East and Gulf places offer you many advantages. PixelPLUS offers superior Video Walls answers for customers.

Why should you select Pixel plus for exterior digital display screens and Top Digital Signage Providers in Dubai?

Pixel plus leads the Digital Signage Companies in Dubai as a specialist wedding catering to diverse organizations. From signboards, electronic food selection boards, and interior digital displays to large style outside electronic signs display screens. Pixel plus provides conventional signage and electronic sign remedies for all needs and spending plans. PixelPlus is one of the Top Digital Signage Providers in Dubai

When you pick Pixel plus, a huge team of signage experts is committed to fulfilling your requirements back you. It supplies services from design and manufacture to installation and maintenance. With considerable sector experience and extensive technical knowledge as well as knowledge, Pixel plus group can develop ingenious remedies to boost businesses and also enhance brand names.


Pixel Plus has over experience in creating and hosting digital sign screens for different organizations, both large and also tiny, across the UAE as well as Egypt.

As a business engaged in the manufacture and supply of signs, we have effectively rolled out many projects for markets such as transport, retail, realty, education, medical care, resort, hospitality, tourism and federal government divisions.

Pixel plus Digital Signage Companies in Dubai the solutions can be customized to match the range of every company in terms of rates and sustainability. From manufacturing to providing and also upkeep, It give end-to-end services. It is committed to creating digital marketing indications and outside signs that suit the demands of our clients.

Benefits of digital signs from Pixel Plus

Produce immersive visual experiences for your target market with innovative remedies from Pixel plus, one of Top Digital Signage Providers in Dubai. An effective tool with enormous opportunities, our digital signage aids you to:

  • connect with your clients, site visitors and also staff members and distribute details
  • Upgrade details online without changing the physical unit
  • Send a huge quantity of information, live information and also updates
  • advertise your products and services efficiently
  • play DVDs, along with television streaming
  • draw in consumers by presenting deals and also discounts
  • amuse your target market as well as provide them with a motion picture experience
  • provide your clients with assistance
  • gets rid of the price of printing

The most usual interior and exterior applications of electronic signage in different industries are as follows:

In service settings: to educate workers concerning activities, days of occasions, human resources, and management-related statements. It can also be utilized to present project turning points, to-do lists, and so on. They can also act as means finders to direct clients and brand-new prospects to your office. They can present business worth, vision declarations and so forth for your employees and customers and captivate visitors while they wait.

  • In sports: live-stream events, score-board, and display enroller adverts.
  • In a retail outlet/shopping centre: to display ads, most current offers, discounts, and support via store location maps.
  • In a restaurant: to show menu, prices, and so on.
  • In a hospital: in the waiting room to show clinical info, handle lines up, and enjoy visuals.
  • In a bank: to present details of gold prices, share rate, rates of interest, and more.

Why should you pick Pixelplus for the digital kiosk in Dubai?

PixelPLUS is among Dubai’s most trusted and reliable digital kiosk company in Dubai. Its goal is to assist companies in branding themselves and getting the attention of their customers with digital kiosks. The highly skilled designers can create powerful, imaginative and engaging signs for your digital kiosk display.


Digital kiosks supplier in Dubai is quickly replacing old-fashioned printed call-outs. Kiosk displays are a revolutionary way to communicate visually and are extremely interactive and engaging, with relevant information. The experts are highly experienced and will assist you in improving your customers’ experience and driving more visitors with the digital kiosks.


Pixel plus is an electronic kiosk maker and Digital kiosk supplier in Dubai. If you require any of the digital kiosks in the UAE, we’re happy to assist you through the digital display’s marketing capabilities.


Digital kiosks in Dubai are a fantastic way to market your services and products on your commercial premises. In the age of digitization and to remain on top of technology, it’s required for every company to keep up to date with the most advanced technology, with one of them being the kiosk that uses digital technology.


Digital kiosk in Dubai can be a boon for businesses that want customers to visit their retail stores. It is not only a digital kiosk useful in attracting customers but also useful in bringing them into the fold with relevant information. Digital kiosks can also assist in speeding up the inquiry process without hassle or delay, thereby avoiding long lines at the entrance of your store.


This stand-alone device is the necessity of the moment and will surely help to increase the number of people who come into your shop. From promoting to replacing salespeople, the digital kiosk can do everything independently! Additionally, it’s an instrument for marketing that needs only a one-time investment and minimal upkeep. The cost-effectiveness of kiosks has led them to become incredibly popular Digital kiosk supplier in Dubai. Everyone can benefit from these kiosks to their advantage by drawing in potential customers from small to huge business sectors.


The digital kiosk can be called a digital standee or an electronic totem. Smart kiosks are an efficient and more effective advertising method than traditional pop-up sign-ups.


Another kind of digital kiosks is an interactive touch screen kiosk that can be found in public spaces like retail stores, hotels, shopping malls, stadiums and eateries.


The kiosk can offer details on how to find the way and sales events, broadcasting events, advertising or customer service. This is how digital kiosks can assist your company by branding and traffic generation while also improving customer experience and gaining new customers.


Application for Digital Signage Kiosk:


Digital Kiosk in Dubai is one of the most attractive slim-looking displays that are suitable as displays for Retail, Hospitality, and Corporate Offices. These displays, both horizontal and vertical, come in various sizes. Interactive digital kiosks and informational signs switch from advertisement to transactional sales and customer service enhancement.


  • Information-related advertising
  • News and event broadcasting Kiosks
  • Reservations and concierge
  • Tickets for airports and cinemas
  • Event registrations at exhibitions
  • Digital Brochure Stands
  • Is a kiosk a virtual one?


Advantages Area of Application


Digital kiosks that have touch screens are growing to be used for marketing. They’re the next option to advertise your company. With a digital kiosk, there is no limit to the information you share; you can post anything you like, from photos to videos and slideshows that you can digitally share with your clients.


Digital kiosk supplier in Dubai is one of the best methods to promote your company’s products and services. They are a great way to draw in new customers and create a high awareness of the brand’s presence. In the digital age, companies must improve their marketing and advertising strategies with touch screens, and digital kiosks can aid in this regard.


In general, from small to big, all kinds of businesses can be made online for clients. With digital kiosks, it’s easy to communicate your message to a vast audience.

The rise of LED display technology

The most recent generation of LED displays is giving producers and integrators new alternatives and helping broadcasters future-proof their studios for years to come, from conventional broadcast facilities to virtual production studios.

As the broadcast industry recovers from the difficulties of the previous two years, the development of LED display technology has officially entered a new era. As a result, ever-more-affordable LED screens are finding new homes in both conventional studios and more recent hybrid and virtual production facilities.

The advantages of LED over earlier LCD screens and green-screen backgrounds for broadcast productions are innumerable. The same set can be used for multiple shows of various genres thanks to the flexibility offered by LED video walls, and the technology behind dvLED panels, which uses a surface array of LEDs as the actual display pixels, enables the creation of high-contrast, high-brightness, large-format displays that can be scaled to any size or shape.

LED panels can also be quickly maintained from the back without turning the entire display off. For studios, this implies relatively minimal downtime, which is advantageous while working on a set that is about to go live.

In the meantime, platforms like augmented reality and XR stages, together with virtual studios that incorporate LED floors, walls, and ceilings, are becoming more and more crucial in the production of broadcast content. This applies to both LED on camera for live events as well as allowing performers, presenters, and artists to interact in real time with their surroundings instead of being constrained by a green screen.

Why should I go to an LED Screen Rental in Dubai UAE

As with most technology pieces, the latest hardware comes every few months and the older ones are outdated, and the price of maintenance and components makes it even more costly to have an LED or Smart TV.

Dubai LED screen is the most efficient way to save money while still having a TV screen at less than the cost to bet for your usage or the purposes of your business.

You may also choose to upgrade to the most recent model when the model you want becomes available without worrying about price due to the ease of the rental of LED screens in the UAE.

If you’re hosting a celebration or event the highlights of the occasion need to be displayed on the LED screens inside the venue. This draws the attention of all guests at the party, and even those who are unable to attend at least a part of the event are capable of enjoying the whole occasion with live streaming at the time of the event. Anyone looking to rent Led Screen Rental for an Event in Dubai must contact us.

An alternative to the projection of screens would be an LED screen. This is comprised of boards that when arranged could create a designed display screen. Custom video content must be developed in any way we can assist by making use of configuration groups and advising on what is the best look using these kinds of LED or projection.

Our inventory consists of more than 500 meters of bend and straight ABSEN LED screens of pixels 2.8mm as well as 3.9mm indoor screens, and open-air LED screens of 4mm.

The latest innovations are remarkable, but our skilled staff is what sets us apart. They are all trained and knowledgeable in their field and they are happy to collaborate with a group of configurations to produce content that is awe-inspiring to your audience. Everyone is English speaking, well-disposed, and able to work in high-pressure situations.

Pixelplus is among the top supplier of LED Screen in Dubai. We provide a complete array of event management and planning for exhibitions and execution, as well as party decoration services within the United Arab Emirates.

Why should I choose Manufacturer of LED Screen in Dubai?

If you’re planning to hold an event, or you are anticipating an impressive display for your advertising must find the LED Screen in Dubai.

A major and essential element of a party is to ensure that everyone is accepted and feels comfortable. When you have a large number of people it isn’t likely to occur. This is why it’s important to have an LED screen manufacturer available for this-

Benefits of using the LED or LED screens

LED Screens can be utilized to serve any purpose. In trade exhibitions, Exhibitions and Conferences, they make ideal backdrops for walls to display the company’s product or information.

It is possible to use LED digital screens to give important presentations for delegates and customers to enhance their experience. Content that is well thought out and other values of the product will impress them and prove your firm intentions and establish your reputation.

Types of LED/LED Screens

Our LED/LED screens come in different styles and designs to meet your advertising needs. We have the following kinds of screens that will meet your advertising requirements.

  • Touch Screens
  • Flexible Screens
  • Screens with a sphere
  • Digital Display Boards
  • Multi-color large indoor and outdoor screens

For special and unique needs, we can design our screens to meet your requirements. Get in touch with our team located in Dubai as well as Dubai LED screen -related inquiries.

Benefits of Rent-Led Displays Dubai, UAE:

LED Screens offer excellent picture quality. Better contrast, a greater amount of square inches per pixel, and better colors make viewing on LED Screens an enjoyable experience.

They are also efficient in energy use. When you rent an LED Screen you can save lots of money on your electricity bill besides.

LED screens last longer because of the improved longevity of the LEDs that are used to display. That means you will reduce your expenses on LED TV rentals because of lower repair costs.

Check Out the best digital signage company in Dubai

Pixelplus is a leading and best digital signage company & supplier. With years of experience in our craft, we have perfected the art of creating and also supplying tailored LED screen services, wayfinding signage, as well as interior and also outside indications.

It’s specialists in engineering, producing, and also mounting brands into the constructed environment throughout the mall, retail, hospitality, leisure and also amusement, automotive, health care, education and learning, transport, household as well as government markets.

Whether we are applying electronic signs services or more conventional signboards, every project we undertake is a labor of love. Our role as the best electronic signs business in Dubai and also improved our imagination, grit, as well as technological knowledge. We enjoy what we do, as well as it reveals!

How much does electronic signage cost in Dubai?

The price of Digital Signs can range from 550 AED to 3000AED. The expense varies from one Digital Signage board to a more & depends on video high quality like screen resolution from low to high pixels.

Conveys actual-time information between company & customers


Pixelplus allows you to update the graphics of the displays very and in very little time. This way we can reach our targeted audience and get their data on what they have purchased from the display at the convenience of our office.

Collect Information on Clients’ activities


By presenting digital booth solutions, an entrepreneur can learn more about their customers’ habits, their sorts, and dislikes, get their feedback, and also make the approaches of keeping the data in the booth to present as necessary. It assists in accumulating data from clients about their actions as well as helps in reviewing habits and trends.


You can contact electronic digital signage company in Dubai to get Digital Booth in Dubai or rent out Interactive Stands in Dubai. It is affordable, low maintenance conserves the salary of one employee, generates data, is simple to update, as well as a lot more benefits it can offer you.

Digital Signs with Vector Digital Equipment’s


Pixelplus has the enthusiasm for establishing intelligent digital signage company in Dubai. We make your business perform well with our different remedies targeted to the different target markets. It implies the message is conveyed much better to the target market. With our years of experience in providing Digital Signs options and digital signage supplier, we can extend you the most effective workable advice for your companies. The solutions are available to top-level markets including the monetary fields, universities, corporate offices, friendliness, and also more. The hardware we use for the implementation is certified as well as pre-designed.


It makes an efficient communication by touching crucial information referring to a business like inviting the visitors in the function area to present signs in the conference rooms and other areas. It gives way to a cohesive workplace by connecting the staff members, management, and also visitors.

It has the complying with benefits:

  • Company branding as well as messages from a solitary location
  • Effective internal communication
  • Effective info Sharing
  • Brand name acknowledgment
  • Improving enthusiasm
  • Giving security and health ideas
  • Live news feeds and several

Your gateway to an enhanced possibility


There are no restrictions to your communication with our Digital Signage services in Dubai. We are competent in creating solutions for visitor introductions present and also factory line displays for big and large companies in Dubai. We are thought as the leading digital signs provider in providing the very best to please your outside as well as interior communication requirements and also other emirates

Pixelplus is one of the leading digital signage supplier in Dubai. It specializes in digital signage.


The role as the best digital signage company in Dubai was built on our creativity, grit, and technical expertise. Pixelplus has a passion for developing intelligent Pixelplus in Dubai. Through our years of experience in offering Pixelplus in Dubai, we can extend you the best possible advice for your organizations. There are no limits to your communication with our Pixelplus in Dubai. Festoon Signage is one of the leading digital signage companies in Dubai.


The digital world is growing at a much faster speed. It is almost impractical to stay away from the digital world. The generations-old to present, have surrendered themselves to the digital world in an unprecedented way. We know everything is going digital, from watches to phones, and gadgets are getting digital. It is not surprising to notice that advertisements are also making their place on digital platforms.


The LCD or LED screens on the roadside and in public places which show some of the information on the screen are nothing but digital signage used for sharing information. For e.g. in banks, a screen displays the prevailing interest rates, the arrival and departure time at airports and bus stops, etc. All these screens which display the information are digital signage screens. Nowadays, businesses are advertising and gaining popularity with digital signage. Advertising about themselves Companies use digital signage in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Quwain, etc.


What is digital signage? 

A digital signage system displays content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information. The digital signage system comprises multiple components, hardware to software which work together to deliver the best performance. Usually, the content on the digital signage falls into three categories: video/ entertainment, audio-visual and directional-informational. These three are the most common ways that companies and organizations rely on digital signage for everyday use.


Components of digital signage

The elements used in the digital solution are:

  • Display (HD digital screen)
  • Digital signage media player
  • Content management system
  • Content to be displayed
  • Network connection (LAN, WAN or wired or wireless)
  • Software


How does digital signage work?

Digital signage works by delivering and displaying content such as video streaming, digital images, videos, etc. The displayed content is classified, and the information is redrafted on the content management system. The data to be displayed is stored in the CMS and then distributed to the media players. The player then reproduces the contents as per the schedule and displays them accordingly.


Digital signage is accessible in two ways: cloud-based and premise-based. By reading the name itself, one can understand cloud-based and premise-based signage.

  • Cloud-based signage: This signage is accessible via the internet, the information displayed on the screen can be changed anytime and anywhere by the host.
  • Premise-based signage: the signage is hosted locally. The content and the software on the signage are hosted by the company and can’t be changed anytime.


Benefits of digital signage

Some of the benefits of digital signage are as follows:

  • Effective internal communication
  • Information sharing
  • Brand recognition
  • Corporate branding
  • Providing safety and health tips
  • Live news and many more


The digital signage company in Dubai aims to fulfill the requirement of clients by providing appropriate services. They suggest various solutions to target different audiences and aim at providing the best possible advice for the organizations that helps to achieve the targeted goals. These Digital signage companies extend their services to financial sectors, educational institutions, corporate offices, hospitality, etc.

Indoor and outdoor LED Display: An efficient and affordable Display solution

Transforming the indoor environment of any premises or an area with better and world-class LED has become very popular. High definition picture and sound are some attributes that make these appliances a must-have in any organization or business concern. With the coming of Indoor LED in Dubai and outdoor LED, watching everything has become even better than it was. The way of experiencing a new world of sound and picture is available with all LEDs placed inside and outside.

Why buy Indoor/outdoor LED

Every small or big commercial unit and home desires to have LED displays/screens at their place. It has become part of modern business and home living style. Reasons that motivate to buy an indoor/outdoor LED:

  • Helpful for sharing information: LED screens have become an effective and popular medium for sharing information with the business team and the customers. With good visibility features, it brightly presents the facts and information.
  • Promoting products: Drawing the customer’s attention towards business new products and services is easy now with crystal clear pictures presented through the LED. Bright colors and vivid display has the most effective impact on the targeted customers.
  • Better than traditional advertisement methods: Stunning LED screens have replaced printing materials, signboards, and rod side hoardings. They have become the most effective tool in any marketing and advertisement strategies. They can be easily installed inside and outside. They are a great innovation to make display functional and effective.
  • Easy to use: Indoor and outdoor LED screens have versatile usage. It can be installed easily at malls, homes, business stores, stadiums, retail outlets, and corporate and government offices. Almost every organization uses different LED series for various applications at their place.
  • Reduced power consumption: Built up with new and advanced technology, the indoor or outdoor are highly efficient and consume less power in comparison to any other advertisement tool. It saves the overall cost of advertisement of the business concern.

What to see before buying an LED screen

Since buying an Outdoor LED in Dubai is a tricky choice. A better guide can help a buyer to make a better decision. There are many features and information that need to be considered before buying for commercial and personal purposes. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Types of LED display: DIP, SMD, COB, and MICRO are some of the different kinds of LED. They have various specifications and benefits. So, the choice is to be made based on the quality of the picture, design, and display features.
  • Size of LED screen: Indoor and outdoor display requirements are different. You have to reach maximum customers so, a big LED with good picture quality is best. Space and distance from the audience should be considered before buying an outdoor LED display.
  • Screen Brightness: Brightness effects are related to the display quality. Higher brightness LED is costly as compared to low brightness LED. You can use a low resolution and brightness LED for simple graphics.
  • Protection from the weather: Outdoor LED displays with water-resistant features are best. A water-resistant LED prevents damage due to moist and contaminated infiltration.

So, if you are looking for a robust and perfect way of promoting your business, you can have a uniquely designed indoor and outdoor LED display. Feel the new experience of digital pictures with some of the best Indoor and outdoor LED.

Take advantage of the Advanced LED Screen and make an enormous impact

Big screen with high definition picture quality has become part of every life and business. Whether it is Television or big advertisement billboards in front of a commercial center, Advanced LED Screen is making a great impression. It is one of the lovely inventions of the technology of present times. It has become part of the lifestyle of modern man who is desirous to see the pictures with spectacular sights. With a large LED screen, the displays of pictures are more engaging, and people feel like participating in the content displayed on the LED screens.

In advanced LED screensLED panels are used as a light source. Most electronic devices that use LED screens are Television, smart phones, computers, monitors, and tablets. They are useful in commercial sectors due to less energy consumption and effects. There are different kinds of LED screens such as:

Benefits of Advanced LED screen

In this innovative business era and entertainment world, Advanced LED screen is becoming the limelight because of many advantages. They have replaced the traditional business approach of advertisements. They are becoming the best choices as they have many benefits and some of them are:

  • Great brightness uniformity

LED backlight technology is used in advanced LED screens that give great brightness uniformity. The internal structure and backlighting placement help in the even distribution of light. It results in high-definition visibility and maintaining the screen brightness better.

  • Good for the environment & long service life

The LED screen is the outcome of advanced technology, and the backlights technique does not emit any harmful substance such as mercury or lead. So, they are environmentally friendly. Backlights are more durable and performs effectively for many years. That’s the reason they are recommended in the industrial sector.

  • Low power supply

People are more conscious about the energy bills, especially the commercial sectors. Installation of any display screen may require more power supply that hits the power bill. Replacing them with an advanced LED backlight technology screen helps lower energy bills as they need less power supply.

  • Accurate control and display color characters

One of the advantages of Led Screen Dubai is its controlling features. One can control the LED screens installed at a different location from a single place. For example, advertisement content can be uploaded and played easily on an LED screen through net connectivity. It allows using red, green, and blue color light emission. One can create attractive displays using lighting effects, colors, and brightness levels.

  • Bright and attention-catching

The better color expression of LED screens attracts people’s attention. Light-producing capacities make it easy to play videos and pictures attractively. It becomes close to people. Therefore they are perfect for displaying the contents of advertisements and events.

So, these days, Led Screen Dubai is gaining importance in every sector as they are present the content in a better and more attractive way. If you are the one who desires to target your customers and have a long-lasting impression on customers, prefer to install an advanced LED screen.