How do You Choose the Famous LED Display Supplier in Dubai?

There are a variety of factors that you should be aware of when choosing the top brand of led screen supplier in Dubai. The design and aesthetics of the display to the technical requirements for an aesthetically pleasing display. But the thrill of the technical details is often lost when you focus on the appearance and functionality of the led screen. The result of the display’s visual appearance is usually what’s in the spotlight. Thus, to avoid getting caught up in each technical detail. You should choose an experienced manufacturer who assists with these specifications and guarantees security while satisfying aesthetic requirements.

Safety First

Since the electronic display business expands, so does the need for more strict safety guidelines. It is thus essential to select an experienced led manufacturer when buying an led display. This will ensure the safety and quality of the product and avoid any uncertainty or worry about the product. So, choosing a reputable manufacturer specifically focused on led displays is vital to safety measures.

Determining is an excellent way to confirm that a particular display manufacturer is the best choice.

Choosing your led screen manufacturer

One of the most effective methods to determine whether a particular manufacturer is the best choice is to check the firm’s years of experience. It is possible to do this by looking at the number of years and the results of these years.

Another benefit of PixelPlus many years of expertise is the high quality of work done in-house. As one of Dubai’s top providers of professional-led solutions, we set an example for this kind of work. A team of professionals in the company will manage every project stage. They will help you design the best-led solution and oversee the maintenance and installation by skilled technicians. By choosing the famous led display supplier in dubai. You can be sure that your product has been developed and designed to deliver the most performance while keeping its function and your needs in mind.

Special Designs

Led screens can be used in various applications and settings. The high resolution and versatility allow the manufacturer and the customer to be innovative in everything from size to shape. This can also mean that expectations and demands for the manufacturer increase. Thus, expert knowledge is a major rule for digital displays that must be specifically designed.

If you are working on an idea that requires a specific design, select an experienced manufacturer. Who will examine your project in-depth and tell you how to give you the best-led option with your goals in mind. Reduce the risk of injury by selecting a reliable manufacturer with knowledge in this field of led displays. You should also ensure the company you select meets strict standards for safety and has a track record of success in installation.

Consider the cost, quality, and available options when deciding on the led screen manufacturer. However, options in the price range that are less expensive may appear appealing. You need to know your cost since these three aspects are closely linked. What will you sacrifice in exchange for a lower price?

Consequences of low-cost led screens

The most delicate part of an led screen is the LCDs that, allow you to see what’s on display. Cheap leds usually cause low contrasts, greater reflection rates, reduced viewing angles, and low amounts of black colour. This means that inexpensive leds compromise the performance and quality of led screens. This is a sad and unneeded consequence of choosing the wrong manufacturer of leds.

Know Your Manufacturer.

If you are choose a kiosk supplier in dubai  , you aren’t simply purchasing a led screen but investing in the company in general. Your buy should evoke trustworthiness, quality, and top-quality services for its customers. Ideally, you’ll want a business to help users by designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing the new led screen.

As one of the best Digital Signage suppliers in Dubai

PixelPLUS leads Digital Signage Supplier in Dubai. As an expert catering to various businesses. From signboards, virtual menu forums, and indoor virtual shows. To big layout outside virtual signage shows. It provides each conventional signage and virtual signage answers for all varieties of desires and budgets.

Why do you have to choose PixelPLUS for digital signage requirements in Dubai?

When you choose Pixelplus, you are backed by a large team of signage experts. Who are committed to meeting your requirements? It offers answers proper from layout and fabrication, to set up and maintenance. With extensive industry experience, in-depth technical knowledge, and expertise. Our team can make innovative solutions. To reinforce businesses and amplify brands.

PixelPLUS has years of revel in growing and website hosting virtual signage. For many organizations, each huge and little, throughout the UAE. As an enterprise engaged within side the manufacture and delivery of signage. We’ve rolled out a couple of tasks for industries. Like transport, retail, actual estate, education, healthcare, hotel, hospitality, tourism, and government departments.

This is a virtual show and signage answers are tailor-made to fit the dimensions. Each organization, each in phrases or pricing and sustainability. We are committed to growing virtual shows and signage answers that suit the desires of our clients. The Signage is among the uncommon video wall. The organizations making astounding Video Wall Signage Dubai.

Digital signage solutions, we specialize in:

As one of the main Digital Signage suppliers in Dubai. We’ve designed, synthesized, and established hundreds of signboards. The virtual signage doors display for 100+ businesses. Therefore, whether it’s for informational, promotional, or for wayfinding purposes. We are bound to have the simplest digital solution for your purpose. Computerized signage organization offers quality items and administrations for Video Wall Signage Dubai.

Here are some of our offerings:

  • POS Display
  • Signboards
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Large Format Outdoor Digital Signage
  • Digital Information Boards
  • LED Displays
  • Digital Billboards
  • Interactive Digital Signage
  • Digital Standing Signage
  • Digital Way finders
  • Digital Notice Boards

Advantages of digital signage from PixelPLUS

You can beautify your purchaser revel in with virtual signage answers from Pixelplus. An effective medium with big possibilities, our virtual signage allows you to:

  • Speak with your clients, guests, and representatives and scatter data
  • Update data without changing the actual unit
  • Convey a lot of data, live news, and updates
  • Advance your items and administrations
  • Play DVDs, alongside TV streaming
  • Pull in clients by showing offers and limits
  • Engage your crowd and furnish them with an artistic encounter
  • Furnish your clients with way to discover support

Disposes of the expense of printing

Quality video wall answers can do great for selling your enterprise. Getting your voice heard by people. We have the knowledge, information, and each. One of the assets required to install indoor and doors video wall answers. The offers across-the-clock maintenance support. We, being the foremost capable video wall suppliers. Believe in discovering and supporting our client’s needs. From conceptualization to imaginative content development. The Fitting, Pixelplus desires to supply the simplest solution for its clients.

An Overview of Video Wall:

Pixelplus presents world-elegance-led wall panels from the world’s main manufacturers. Which presents your ideal visible experience? Our notable merchandise and tailored answers are utilized in Retails. Hospitality, Exhibition centers, Colleges, Hospitals, Banks, and different industrial and home places. Pixelplus shape the largest latest generation with clever and easy-to-use video wall systems. Our LCD video partitions are applied within side the market.

Leading quality led video walls supplied by us have gathered immense attention. Within the advertising industry of the center east, and for all the proper reasons. It is considered one of the simplest ways to be in-tuned together with your probable clients. Many benefits are supplied with the aid of using a video wall controller. They are green to apply and are the most innovative marketing and marketing choice. Managing video walls provided by us. Thus, hassle-free and doesn’t involve much effort.

Interactive video wall displays are an efficient mode of communication. If you would like to communicate a message across your addressees. Whether it’s a suggestion, discount, or other important data. The video walls are a crucial means of communication. Many businesses around the world use a video wall for this very reason. Video partitions offer a miles higher way to bring a proposal or a billboard. Then many different mediums. Video partitions are a valuable manner. To draw your target market and produce your messages.

Video Walls also are utilized in control rooms. Control rooms are an important component of any major operation. Control rooms are constructing blocks of city-huge control. From visitors’ control, security, Surveillance, procedure management, or utilities. Ensuring get entry to every complicated element. Real-time records have emerged as a need for room operators. With Video walls, round-the-clock vigilance, and tracking in real-time. Have become handy and manageable.

We are a famous virtual signage & video wall dealer organization inside. The Middle East and Gulf places offer you many advantages. PixelPLUS offers superior Video Walls answers for customers.


Why should you select Pixel plus for exterior digital display screens and Top Digital Signage Providers in Dubai?

Pixel plus leads the Digital Signage Companies in Dubai as a specialist wedding catering to diverse organizations. From signboards, electronic food selection boards, and interior digital displays to large style outside electronic signs display screens. Pixel plus provides conventional signage and electronic sign remedies for all needs and spending plans. PixelPlus is one of the Top Digital Signage Providers in Dubai

When you pick Pixel plus, a huge team of signage experts is committed to fulfilling your requirements back you. It supplies services from design and manufacture to installation and maintenance. With considerable sector experience and extensive technical knowledge as well as knowledge, Pixel plus group can develop ingenious remedies to boost businesses and also enhance brand names.


Pixel Plus has over experience in creating and hosting digital sign screens for different organizations, both large and also tiny, across the UAE as well as Egypt.

As a business engaged in the manufacture and supply of signs, we have effectively rolled out many projects for markets such as transport, retail, realty, education, medical care, resort, hospitality, tourism and federal government divisions.

Pixel plus Digital Signage Companies in Dubai the solutions can be customized to match the range of every company in terms of rates and sustainability. From manufacturing to providing and also upkeep, It give end-to-end services. It is committed to creating digital marketing indications and outside signs that suit the demands of our clients.

Benefits of digital signs from Pixel Plus

Produce immersive visual experiences for your target market with innovative remedies from Pixel plus, one of Top Digital Signage Providers in Dubai. An effective tool with enormous opportunities, our digital signage aids you to:

  • connect with your clients, site visitors and also staff members and distribute details
  • Upgrade details online without changing the physical unit
  • Send a huge quantity of information, live information and also updates
  • advertise your products and services efficiently
  • play DVDs, along with television streaming
  • draw in consumers by presenting deals and also discounts
  • amuse your target market as well as provide them with a motion picture experience
  • provide your clients with assistance
  • gets rid of the price of printing

The most usual interior and exterior applications of electronic signage in different industries are as follows:

In service settings: to educate workers concerning activities, days of occasions, human resources, and management-related statements. It can also be utilized to present project turning points, to-do lists, and so on. They can also act as means finders to direct clients and brand-new prospects to your office. They can present business worth, vision declarations and so forth for your employees and customers and captivate visitors while they wait.

  • In sports: live-stream events, score-board, and display enroller adverts.
  • In a retail outlet/shopping centre: to display ads, most current offers, discounts, and support via store location maps.
  • In a restaurant: to show menu, prices, and so on.
  • In a hospital: in the waiting room to show clinical info, handle lines up, and enjoy visuals.
  • In a bank: to present details of gold prices, share rate, rates of interest, and more.



Why should you pick Pixelplus for the digital kiosk in Dubai?

PixelPLUS is among Dubai’s most trusted and reliable digital kiosk company in Dubai. Its goal is to assist companies in branding themselves and getting the attention of their customers with digital kiosks. The highly skilled designers can create powerful, imaginative and engaging signs for your digital kiosk display.


Digital kiosks supplier in Dubai is quickly replacing old-fashioned printed call-outs. Kiosk displays are a revolutionary way to communicate visually and are extremely interactive and engaging, with relevant information. The experts are highly experienced and will assist you in improving your customers’ experience and driving more visitors with the digital kiosks.


Pixel plus is an electronic kiosk maker and Digital kiosk supplier in Dubai. If you require any of the digital kiosks in the UAE, we’re happy to assist you through the digital display’s marketing capabilities.


Digital kiosks in Dubai are a fantastic way to market your services and products on your commercial premises. In the age of digitization and to remain on top of technology, it’s required for every company to keep up to date with the most advanced technology, with one of them being the kiosk that uses digital technology.


Digital kiosk in Dubai can be a boon for businesses that want customers to visit their retail stores. It is not only a digital kiosk useful in attracting customers but also useful in bringing them into the fold with relevant information. Digital kiosks can also assist in speeding up the inquiry process without hassle or delay, thereby avoiding long lines at the entrance of your store.


This stand-alone device is the necessity of the moment and will surely help to increase the number of people who come into your shop. From promoting to replacing salespeople, the digital kiosk can do everything independently! Additionally, it’s an instrument for marketing that needs only a one-time investment and minimal upkeep. The cost-effectiveness of kiosks has led them to become incredibly popular Digital kiosk supplier in Dubai. Everyone can benefit from these kiosks to their advantage by drawing in potential customers from small to huge business sectors.


The digital kiosk can be called a digital standee or an electronic totem. Smart kiosks are an efficient and more effective advertising method than traditional pop-up sign-ups.


Another kind of digital kiosks is an interactive touch screen kiosk that can be found in public spaces like retail stores, hotels, shopping malls, stadiums and eateries.


The kiosk can offer details on how to find the way and sales events, broadcasting events, advertising or customer service. This is how digital kiosks can assist your company by branding and traffic generation while also improving customer experience and gaining new customers.


Application for Digital Signage Kiosk:


Digital Kiosk in Dubai is one of the most attractive slim-looking displays that are suitable as displays for Retail, Hospitality, and Corporate Offices. These displays, both horizontal and vertical, come in various sizes. Interactive digital kiosks and informational signs switch from advertisement to transactional sales and customer service enhancement.


  • Information-related advertising
  • News and event broadcasting Kiosks
  • Reservations and concierge
  • Tickets for airports and cinemas
  • Event registrations at exhibitions
  • Digital Brochure Stands
  • Is a kiosk a virtual one?


Advantages Area of Application


Digital kiosks that have touch screens are growing to be used for marketing. They’re the next option to advertise your company. With a digital kiosk, there is no limit to the information you share; you can post anything you like, from photos to videos and slideshows that you can digitally share with your clients.


Digital kiosk supplier in Dubai is one of the best methods to promote your company’s products and services. They are a great way to draw in new customers and create a high awareness of the brand’s presence. In the digital age, companies must improve their marketing and advertising strategies with touch screens, and digital kiosks can aid in this regard.


In general, from small to big, all kinds of businesses can be made online for clients. With digital kiosks, it’s easy to communicate your message to a vast audience.


Indoor and outdoor LED Display: An efficient and affordable Display solution

Transforming the indoor environment of any premises or an area with better and world-class LED has become very popular. High definition picture and sound are some attributes that make these appliances a must-have in any organization or business concern. With the coming of Indoor LED in Dubai and outdoor LED, watching everything has become even better than it was. The way of experiencing a new world of sound and picture is available with all LEDs placed inside and outside.

Why buy Indoor/outdoor LED

Every small or big commercial unit and home desires to have LED displays/screens at their place. It has become part of modern business and home living style. Reasons that motivate to buy an indoor/outdoor LED:

  • Helpful for sharing information: LED screens have become an effective and popular medium for sharing information with the business team and the customers. With good visibility features, it brightly presents the facts and information.
  • Promoting products: Drawing the customer’s attention towards business new products and services is easy now with crystal clear pictures presented through the LED. Bright colors and vivid display has the most effective impact on the targeted customers.
  • Better than traditional advertisement methods: Stunning LED screens have replaced printing materials, signboards, and rod side hoardings. They have become the most effective tool in any marketing and advertisement strategies. They can be easily installed inside and outside. They are a great innovation to make display functional and effective.
  • Easy to use: Indoor and outdoor LED screens have versatile usage. It can be installed easily at malls, homes, business stores, stadiums, retail outlets, and corporate and government offices. Almost every organization uses different LED series for various applications at their place.
  • Reduced power consumption: Built up with new and advanced technology, the indoor or outdoor are highly efficient and consume less power in comparison to any other advertisement tool. It saves the overall cost of advertisement of the business concern.

What to see before buying an LED screen

Since buying an Outdoor LED in Dubai is a tricky choice. A better guide can help a buyer to make a better decision. There are many features and information that need to be considered before buying for commercial and personal purposes. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Types of LED display: DIP, SMD, COB, and MICRO are some of the different kinds of LED. They have various specifications and benefits. So, the choice is to be made based on the quality of the picture, design, and display features.
  • Size of LED screen: Indoor and outdoor display requirements are different. You have to reach maximum customers so, a big LED with good picture quality is best. Space and distance from the audience should be considered before buying an outdoor LED display.
  • Screen Brightness: Brightness effects are related to the display quality. Higher brightness LED is costly as compared to low brightness LED. You can use a low resolution and brightness LED for simple graphics.
  • Protection from the weather: Outdoor LED displays with water-resistant features are best. A water-resistant LED prevents damage due to moist and contaminated infiltration.

So, if you are looking for a robust and perfect way of promoting your business, you can have a uniquely designed indoor and outdoor LED display. Feel the new experience of digital pictures with some of the best Indoor and outdoor LED.

Pixelplus – Large LED Display Screen Suppliers in Dubai

LEDs have brightened the world, adding an edge to this busy life. The elegance delivered by these large LED display screens has caught the attention of the whole market. These large LED display screen suppliers in Dubai have set a benchmark as a virtual communication model. Pixelplus acknowledges the need for this new emerging trend. As a result, they have become an extensive Large LED Display screen supplier in Dubai. Pixelplus recognized that this reliable technology has the power to change the world.


What do Pixelplus Large LED Display screens offer?


  1.  Seamless display:

The seamless display ensures that the exhibit is attention-grabbing. The vibrant and radiant display of lights adds glaze. The seamless show manifests in any indoor or outdoor function, duly giving a spectacular viewing experience.


  1.  High-quality images:

The eye-catching pixel quality displays a mix of inspiration and vision. The unbeatable clarity yields an upper hand. The high-grade resolution provides recognition. The swaying factor is its high luminous intensity. A user thereby gets a bird-eye view of the screen.


  1. Wider display:

The size and broader angle provide a uniform look making any individual see from a long distance making the rise flexible and better.


  1.  Better life-span and durability:

Along with the animated features, the long-lasting attribute also becomes the main factor in ensuring the product’s durability. The prime benefit offered is long sustainable product life.


  1. Ease in use:

The easy control and ease of use display is another benefit of LED display screens. The flexibility in operating and managing makes the large screens worth the money invested, and its compatibility with other devices allows flexible broadcasting.


  1. Grabs attention:

The vibrant LED display grabs attention and builds awareness. It is strategically placed to deliver an impression no person can avoid.


Where can Pixelplus Large LED Display screen be used?

The large LED Display screens have become a significant factor in the era of digital advertising. The LED Display screens have been acting as a billboard for promotion, thereby creating hype for the product or service marketed through it. The large screen has a more comprehensive display used in corporate functions. They act as the main screen for a large number of watchers. This not only provides a broader audience view but also delivers clarity Malls usually carry


Their promotional events through LED Display screens. The LED Display screens are seen to highlight live concerts and indoor events. Sports agencies usually use these LED display screens for live forecasts. It can be witnessed that this large display screen has made its appearances in theaters, museums, and other public places. The LED Display screens have also been in demand for formal occasions. The large LED display screens are precisely designed so that they can never go out of style.

Pixelplus, being the large LED display screen supplier in Dubai, has formulated a pathway where requirement meets innovation. The technology renovation promotes expansion and builds awareness. Pixelplus seeks to augment the scope of LED Display screens by being the leading large LED display screen supplier in Dubai.

LED Video Wall Screen in Dubai: The Complete Guide

Video walls are appealing and useful for businesses trying to improve various aspects of their operations. LED Video Wall Screen in Dubai is a magnificent collection of screens that generate a unified image as attractive as they are futuristic.

When it comes to choosing screens for your video wall, there are several factors to consider; you’ll want to decide on size, quality, and placement after taking a hard look at your budget. Because changing and adjusting specifics on your video wall can be costly and difficult, these considerations are critical.

This tutorial will get you started in the right way, whether you’re looking for a new video wall or just curious!

What are the Benefits of LED Video Walls?

If you’re thinking about buying a video wall, you might need that extra push. Here are a few reasons to consider and check whether or not the LED video lights are useful for you.


Because of their scale, video walls appear to have poor image quality. In actuality, the barrier comprises multiple smaller displays joined together to form one large screen. As a result, size has no bearing on quality. LED panels, especially compared to LCD screens, provide sharp, colorful visuals. However, keep in mind that they are more costly.

A projector can be used instead of a video wall. They are a less expensive choice, but the video quality is poorer. In addition, projectors have very limited brightness and color changes.

A video wall should also be your first choice to boost your company’s image, increase employee retention, and provide a wonderful client experience.

Maintenance is minimal.

LED video walls can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Let’s imagine you own a company that operates 24 hours a day. Even if you don’t give it much time to rest, a video wall will require relatively little upkeep.

Consider Dubai. They have large video walls that are operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To accommodate sites like main Square markets, technology has advanced to the point where screens can operate at excellent quality at all times.

Of course, the most advanced technology does not become available to the broader public overnight. However, enough time has passed that even tiny business owners can now get low-cost, high-quality video screens.

Be certain to select a screen that is appropriate for you.

When choosing the correct screen, you must also evaluate the screen’s components. For example, to divide the screens, you’ll need a video wall controller and media play. Depending on your situation, you’ll also require a matrix switcher and other components.

LED Video Wall Screen in Dubai is a significant investment, so consider all of your alternatives carefully. It’s a good idea to seek advice from a specialist who can assist you in making your selection. Please get in touch with PixelPLUS if you require assistance with video walls, and they are the best ones in this field with the quality and assurance you need. You can also check the rental led screen in Dubai with Pixelplus.

Rental Video Wall in Dubai

Display technology has progressed and evolved over the years. One such advancement is Video Walls. This multi-monitor setup consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together overlapped to form one large screen. Video walls are being used widely instead of a single large screen as they can customize tile layouts, provide greater screen area per unit cost, and greater pixel density per unit cost. Video walls are available in a wide range of sizes, typically with a screen diameter between 46” and 80”, and the resolution depends on wall size. Whether renting or buying, choose your screen size depending on the specific content and the viewing distance. Video walls are typically used in control rooms, meeting rooms, digital signage and other demanding environments. Rental Video Wall in Dubai means pixelplus

Renting a video wall is a more feasible option than buying one. Rental video walls come with several advantages like quick setup, prolonged services, portable design and most importantly, affordable. Rental video walls will be pre-installed for you so that you don’t have to worry about installation. Renting is the same as buying but with less hassle, and it saves your time. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, damage, faults, or updating the needs of a rental LED screen. Moreover, the display owner gives you the guarantee to run your advertisement without delay from the moment you rent it. It is best suited for businesses with a limited budget. Rental Video Wall in Dubai Means one stop solutions for all kind of LEDs.

There are various kinds of Video Walls, depending upon their manufacturing.

  • LED Video Wall These are widely used and cost-effective options. LED Video Walls are the most impressive video walls. Pixel pitch can be large or small, relying on the distance. The high brightness, limited depth and weight, lack of inter-tile gaps and stunning colours are the key features of direct-view LED technology.
  • LCD Video Wall- Unlike panels used in television sets, these LCDs have a very narrow bezel. Measures to prevent burn-in effects are applied, which makes them well suited for long term use. LCD Video Wall uses multiple precisely designed LCD Displays. These can be used 24/7. High brightness, good image quality at a relatively low cost are some of the key features.
  • Rear-projection Video Walls- These are best suited for control rooms that operate in a 24/7 mode. These consist of multiple cubes, which feature a projector and a screen. The projectors are situated upwards. A mirror under a 45° angle then reflects the image and casts it onto the projection screen. Very high lifetime, the absence of burn-in effects, and the narrow gap between cubes are critical features of Rear-projection Video Walls.


Now with PixelPLUS you can opt for rental video walls, which are the most reliable and budget-friendly option of all. With rental video walls, you can avail all the benefits of prolonged services. Be it indoor or outdoor, PixelPLUS is a one-stop solution for all rental video walls in Dubai. PixelPlus has a complete range of video equipment for your meetings, conferences, events and exhibitions. Visit for Video Wall Rental in Dubai.

Stage & Virtual Production_PixelPLUS_UAE

Several benefits of Rental LED Screen

An LED display is the main screen display, be it for commercial or domestic purposes. LED display (light-emitting diode display) is a screen display technology that derives light from a panel of LEDs. The most significant advantage of the LED display is that it is efficient and has low energy consumption. An LED display consists of several LED panels that, in turn, consist of several LEDs. Apart from being power efficient, LEDs have greater light intensity and produce more light.

LED displays have become the industry standard when it comes to promoting businesses. With bright image projection and easy-to-use controls, they are a desirable option for various situations, including billboards and other forms of outdoor and roadside advertising.LED screens are low-cost solutions for trade shows as well. But buying several commercial LED screens is way more expensive than renting a video wall. Renting a LED Screen is equally reliable, budget-friendly, and beneficial for any and every business.

Several benefits of Rental LED Screen are:

  • All-time Reliability- Renting an LED screen is an all-time reliable option, the reason being that you are not responsible for maintenance, damage, faults, or updating the needs of a rental LED screen. Moreover, the display owner gives you the guarantee to run your advertisement without delay from the moment you rent it. Hence this gives you freedom from multiple struggles of setup and maintenance issues.
  • Portable Design- Rental LED screens are usually portable, which gives you the advantage of changing locations to attract more people. It is ideal for all kinds of events and shows. You can even run your business on different LED screens installed in other locations. Portability makes rental LED screens more desirable.
  • Quick Setup- Since renting an LED screen, the screen owner will value your time and investment above everything. They will install the LED screen for you, hence saving your time. You don’t have to wait or spend any extra penny on setup. However, you are paying for running your advertisement on an already installed LED screen.
  • Prolonged Services- When renting an LED screen, you get the benefits of prolonged services. Renting is the same as buying but with less hassle, and it saves your time. Moreover, when you purchase an LED screen, it might not serve the same quality after a certain period. But when you rent an LED screen, you don’t have to worry about any of it.
  • Affordability- If you have a low budget, you might not be able to buy an LED screen, but you can rent one. Renting an already installed LED screen will save you money and time. You can promote your business with a limited budget.


Rent a premium quality LED display with durable impact and high-deficiency picture from PixelPLUS. PixelPLUS is a renowned name in the LED industry that offers a better encounter to the viewers. PixelPLUS has arisen as a leading LED Display creator in Dubai and is known for its quality item and administrations. Visit for LED Rental screen in Dubai.

LED Screen: Do You Know Many LED Installation Ways?

How does an LED display work?

LED is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. An LED emits light from electric luminescence. It is also known as “cold light,” as the light is not produced by heating a metal filament. An LED display comprises many closely-spaced LEDs. By fluctuating the brightness of each LED, the diodes together form an image on display. LED emits light when passing through two specially coated silicon semiconductors. It is one of the most energy-efficient and power-saving ways to generate lightWhen an LED is on, it emits zero heat. This almost eradicates the problem of cooling down the electronic parts. 

There are two main types of LED display – backlit displays that utilize an array of LEDs to light the screen and LED screens that operate by emitting light in RGB colors right from the face of the display. RGB is short for Red, Green, and Blue. A color scheme considers that all visible colors can be mixed from these three primary colors. It is used in almost all types of displays. These three colors blend to form a pixel. By altering the intensity of the diodes, lots of colors can be formed. When you look at the LED screen from a certain distance, the array of colored pixels is seen as an image.

There are three main configurations of LED screens for domestic and commercial use:-

Direct-Lit – This is the most suitable configuration and uses a limited amount of LEDs. Since these are wider and can’t be controlled individually, they provide less of a complex image. However, they are perfect for larger, more affordable displays where a higher definition is not required. These screens tend to be quite deep, as the space required behind the screen to fit the larger LEDs and diffusers.

Edge-Lit – This is the most widely used form of the LED screen. In this configuration, LEDs are positioned only at the screen edges, enabling the screens to be thinner. Although there are fewer LEDs in this configuration than in comparison to the entire array, there might have problems with dynamic lighting if your screen hasn’t been properly configured.

 Full-Array – Well, this is the most sought-after type of LED backlighting and expensive from the point of manufacturing. The LEDs are allocated evenly to produce a more consistent light, which allows for more dynamic colors and lighting. Some full array LED screens also use colored LEDs, which enable an even broader and deeper range of colors.

Buy premium quality LED display with durable impact and high-deficiency picture from PixelPLUS. PixelPLUS is a renowned name in the LED industry that offers a better encounter to the viewers. PixelPLUS has arisen as a leading LED Display creator and is known for its quality item and administrations.