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The digital world is growing at a much faster speed. It is almost impractical to stay away from the digital world. The generations-old to present, have surrendered themselves to the digital world in an unprecedented way. We know everything is going digital, from watches to phones, and gadgets are getting digital. It is not surprising to notice that advertisements are also making their place on digital platforms.


The LCD or LED screens on the roadside and in public places which show some of the information on the screen are nothing but digital signage used for sharing information. For e.g. in banks, a screen displays the prevailing interest rates, the arrival and departure time at airports and bus stops, etc. All these screens which display the information are digital signage screens. Nowadays, businesses are advertising and gaining popularity with digital signage. Advertising about themselves Companies use digital signage in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Quwain, etc.


What is digital signage? 

A digital signage system displays content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information. The digital signage system comprises multiple components, hardware to software which work together to deliver the best performance. Usually, the content on the digital signage falls into three categories: video/ entertainment, audio-visual and directional-informational. These three are the most common ways that companies and organizations rely on digital signage for everyday use.


Components of digital signage

The elements used in the digital solution are:

  • Display (HD digital screen)
  • Digital signage media player
  • Content management system
  • Content to be displayed
  • Network connection (LAN, WAN or wired or wireless)
  • Software


How does digital signage work?

Digital signage works by delivering and displaying content such as video streaming, digital images, videos, etc. The displayed content is classified, and the information is redrafted on the content management system. The data to be displayed is stored in the CMS and then distributed to the media players. The player then reproduces the contents as per the schedule and displays them accordingly.


Digital signage is accessible in two ways: cloud-based and premise-based. By reading the name itself, one can understand cloud-based and premise-based signage.

  • Cloud-based signage: This signage is accessible via the internet, the information displayed on the screen can be changed anytime and anywhere by the host.
  • Premise-based signage: the signage is hosted locally. The content and the software on the signage are hosted by the company and can’t be changed anytime.


Benefits of digital signage

Some of the benefits of digital signage are as follows:

  • Effective internal communication
  • Information sharing
  • Brand recognition
  • Corporate branding
  • Providing safety and health tips
  • Live news and many more


The digital signage company in Dubai aims to fulfill the requirement of clients by providing appropriate services. They suggest various solutions to target different audiences and aim at providing the best possible advice for the organizations that helps to achieve the targeted goals. These Digital signage companies extend their services to financial sectors, educational institutions, corporate offices, hospitality, etc.

How Social Media and Digital Signage Can Work for You?

How LED or Digital Signage Can Benefit You?

The current situation is the time where including facet of the market, businesses are rapidly revamping. In this dynamic world, digital life has stepped forward with myriad options out of which one is highly prominent. LED is contributing to the change and bringing new solutions for the organizations.

LED is a source where content, videos, products and services can reach the audience on a bigger platform yet in an apparent manner. Digital signage assists in promoting, recognizing, the information among users and enhancing the behavior effectively.

Digital signage can work for various given sources such as:

Offering Services

Paper services are still a part of businesses, whereas digital platform would help you transform the way you believe. It can aid in repair shops, restaurants, studios, salons and many more.


This LED display is a productive source for events, products, sales and so on. Any growing or grown business can utilize for advertising, graphics, ads, testimonials to embark new journey. It would not lead to hard work but definitely smart work.

Display Quotes

There are no boundaries on content or videos of advertisement. Entertainment is even a part where digital signage can be fruitful and help to display inspirational quotes, thoughts, messages to uplift the spirit of the audience.

Social Media

Among multiple options of LED usage, one is social media where connecting your social account like Instagram, Facebook, you can use the feeds directly and interact with the real world.

Calendar and Events

Let your viewers, customers stay informed with every passing or upcoming event. Your daily activities or appointments or any ongoing events is a way to mark your presence in the audience.

Does LED have a projected growth?

It is seamlessly an intriguing question as the trend of the digital world is on the boom. LEDs, digital signage, indoor LED, outdoor LED and many such illuminations are working wonders. In this stagnant growth of the market, LED business is escalating, giving chances to grow. The surveys have shown that utilization of digital platform high and anticipated to flourish more.

No doubt manual work has its own purpose and security; however, in the transforming world, the source is optimum.

Where can you buy it?

Well, there is no such difficulty to buy LED as several outlets are there to offer you. Among all, PixelPlus in UAE is the most common name to buy LEDs, digital signage etc. our team also assist in fulfilling the need of purchasing it on rent. We assist not only in apt product, but also in installation, hardware accessories and any related help. If you have a query, our team is happy to help you!

Thinking about Outdoor Digital Signage in Dubai, Think about PixelPLUS!

Thinking about Outdoor Digital Signage in Dubai, Think about PixelPLUS!

That digital signage screen you saw around Dubai is still on your mind? Well then probably it must be ours. You read it right. We are here to provide you with the digital signage screen with the attributes you have always desired for. Digital signage which is a sub-segment of electronic signage, if defined, is signage displaying media and texts on a screen. Digital Signage screen helps in displaying them eventually adding charm to the content.

It is all meant for disseminating information, adding beauty to your premises, and seeking the attention of the viewer. And when all of these are needed by you in and around Dubai, we have got you the most preferred solution.

Let’s take a tour of the solutions we provide.

What is better than what is particularly meant!

Your premises need to be beautified but with what is particularly meant for it. So here you go, with your customized outdoor digital signage screen that perfectly suits your requirements and the requirement of the premises. Adding beauty and class is a matter of precision and choice always lies in your hand. 

Convenient and Economical

We provide digital signage screens at the most economical and competitive rates. High quality at the most convenient price is an opportunity worth grabbing. We provide digital signage screens in Dubai that attract the eyes and are also friendly to your pocket. 

Robust and Reliable

It is not only about how it looks but also how long it lasts. Our digital signage screens are attributed with durability and are robust enough to last their age. No early replacement makes them worth having.

Proficient staffing

Our highly trained and skilled staffs are with you to help with all the issues you face. Right from the installation of the digital signage screen till we get it right and receive your satisfaction, we are in every step you take. Any issues with signage screens and we will just be a call away to fix it. 


We understand that our duty does not end by only providing you with what you need but we must provide you with the best. In a nutshell, the digital signage screens here are of top-notch quality, robust, and maintain the class. It provides an eye gripping view, making the audience spare their time looking and praising what is in front of their eyes. Other than the beauty it provides, it provides the quality required.

For every setting and arrangement, for every place and premises in Dubai, you will be provided with the digital signage screen; the perfection of which in every aspect is beyond doubt. 

We will be pleased to serve you with our best for all your best and significant events coming up.


Signage is a way of communicating messages to a group of people to publicise our products and services. This signage assists in conveying a message and showing graphics of different shapes and sizes. As signage helps to bequeath a message; likewise, digital signage is an electronic device used through LCD, LED, and projectors.

With the escalating competition, it is hard for companies to survive. Various techniques are implemented to sustain. Similarly, to mark an absolute presence in the market, several companies are offering digital signage providers in Dubai, but in particular, PixelPlus is the emerging name.

We are the supreme Digital Signage service providers in the hub of digital signage. PixelPlus imparts high-quality products and services. We fulfil all the digital requirements such as LED indoor, LED outdoor, kiosks, digital boards and so on. We have created faith in the market bringing forth the utmost level of options to clients, keeping the quality at prior.

Our services are flexible, versatile and highly suitable for digital signage companies offering an array of choices and information. We not only bring possibilities in the digital world but also the content target and several prolong benefits are delivered. As per the need, we customise the system and give a one-of-a-kind solution.

PixelPlus as a top digital service provider in Dubai follows the aims like:

  • We initiate with fulfilling the priorities of the customer.
  • We never compromise on quality.
  • We churn the market to bring the best in digital demands.
  • We customise the concepts and assist businesses to reach their potential.
  • We promote visual and audio devices to inspire people.

Digital signage, LEDs, LCDs are good alternatives to old styled communication of information. With the preferences of industries, we modify the settings and present them meeting their demands. Our staffs are competent enough to impart the best of the products and services to the industry. Place like Dubai where a growing number of providers are seen, we keep our uncommon gesture to make our presence stronger.

Digital signage aims at offering favourite options to the businesses compared to the traditional ones. The conventional systems and services are advanced assisting potential audience to enhance the business. There are no obsolete methods we recommend to the clients as we believe in bringing ultimate preferences. It even brings choices to combine multiple technologies to outshine in the competition.

For more clarities and knowledge, our team is available to help and give you unbeatable yet unmatchable facilities. PixelPlus is a name to help you smoothly lead the market, letting you face no difficulty. Our services can bring guaranteed changes in the way you work.

Let us be your partner and develop your digital world!      

About LED Installation

Key Things You Must Not Ignore About LED Installation

The LED market has swept in the last few years raising all the demand bars. There is an unforeseeable change in the usage of the LED screen for indoor, outdoor, digital signage and many more. Everywhere around the world, a buzz of HD screen magnifies the utilization with great picture quality and audio support.

The growing need for the super screen of LED has tarn the market, which leads to the rise of low-quality sellers. To keep customers aware and away, PixelPlus has core value for the quality and Led business. We have deployed thousands of LEDs in UAE providing the best support and valuable service. The compatibility of our work and customers is highly referred to as we commit them safety over everything.

We have a check on certain key points which we never ignore, such as high-level installation, safety procedure, and uncommon product. We help in indoor LED screen, outdoor LED screen, digital signage as an LED supplier and guide. We clarify all the doubts and suggest the perfect LED for your venue.

The certain factors which are necessary to follow are:

  • Never compromise the quality at lower prices and prefer the cutting-edge technology which could help to attract users.
  • See the complete product with its installation and maintenance plan to be ascertained about the screen you are holding hands on.
  • You are on the verge of buying a system, not only a product. So it is highly suggestible to look from the design to the last process for better LED.
  • Ensure the proper installation by the team with complete documentation and strict safety. You must not leave any corner untouched while making an expensive deal.
  • Our team ensure qualified instructor’s surveillance and the utmost level of quality which is hard to get anywhere around.

Such things are highly considerable, and one must not ignore as buying anything from LED supplier Dubai may or may not let go through deeper configurations but, we ensure everything to customers for their money safety.

PixelPlus believes you to keep all these points in the mind as you may get tempted towards flashy deals and LED products. Nevertheless, it is essential to undergo all the basic details and then coming to a conclusion. Most of the time, LEDs at a cheaper price can cost you a great deal.

No one will guide your way once you purchase the LED, and the seller may not look back to help if purchased from the unauthenticated source. It is desirable to consider all the security factors, maintenance, installation and usage, and then proceed for the best LED with all the supreme qualities.

It is a one-time investment which needs to be careful and proper. So, PixelPlus is right there to assist and help you choose the best LED for your business or work.