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Check Out the best digital signage company in Dubai

Pixelplus is a leading and best digital signage company & supplier. With years of experience in our craft, we have perfected the art of creating and also supplying tailored LED screen services, wayfinding signage, as well as interior and also outside indications. It’s specialists in engineering, producing, and also mounting brands into the constructed environment […]


The digital world is growing at a much faster speed. It is almost impractical to stay away from the digital world. The generations-old to present, have surrendered themselves to the digital world in an unprecedented way. We know everything is going digital, from watches to phones, and gadgets are getting digital. It is not surprising […]

Indoor and outdoor LED Display: An efficient and affordable Display solution

Transforming the indoor environment of any premises or an area with better and world-class LED has become very popular. High definition picture and sound are some attributes that make these appliances a must-have in any organization or business concern. With the coming of Indoor LED in Dubai and outdoor LED, watching everything has become even better than […]

Take advantage of the Advanced LED Screen and make an enormous impact

Big screen with high definition picture quality has become part of every life and business. Whether it is Television or big advertisement billboards in front of a commercial center, Advanced LED Screen is making a great impression. It is one of the lovely inventions of the technology of present times. It has become part of the lifestyle […]

How Outdoor & Large LED Screen is Beneficial for growing a Business

  Today is an era of high-definition pictures and video effects. With the evolution of LED lighting technology, LED screens and displays have become a must-have thing for every home and business owner. LED screens and displays are commercially viable due to many advantages such as brightness impact, high efficiency, and low maintenance. With new […]

Pixelplus – Large LED Display Screen Suppliers in Dubai

LEDs have brightened the world, adding an edge to this busy life. The elegance delivered by these large LED display screens has caught the attention of the whole market. These large LED display screen suppliers in Dubai have set a benchmark as a virtual communication model. Pixelplus acknowledges the need for this new emerging trend. […]

LED Video Wall Screen in Dubai: The Complete Guide

Video walls are appealing and useful for businesses trying to improve various aspects of their operations. LED Video Wall Screen in Dubai is a magnificent collection of screens that generate a unified image as attractive as they are futuristic. When it comes to choosing screens for your video wall, there are several factors to consider; you’ll want […]

Rental Video Wall in Dubai

Display technology has progressed and evolved over the years. One such advancement is Video Walls. This multi-monitor setup consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together overlapped to form one large screen. Video walls are being used widely instead of a single large screen as they can customize tile layouts, provide […]

Several benefits of Rental LED Screen

An LED display is the main screen display, be it for commercial or domestic purposes. LED display (light-emitting diode display) is a screen display technology that derives light from a panel of LEDs. The most significant advantage of the LED display is that it is efficient and has low energy consumption. An LED display consists […]

How do I Choose an LED Screen?

LED screens are widely in use these days, be it for domestic or commercial purposes. These have now become the standard technology for display purposes. Electronic devices like mobile phones, TVs, tablets, computer monitors, laptop screens, etc., use a LED display to display their output. And if you are looking for a smart advertising solution […]