Award-Winning LED Solutions

PixelPLUS brings Award-Winning LED Solutions to the LED industry by delivering high-quality, customizable, and durable products. We are one of the leading companies in UAE with international recognition working in the production and installation of indoor as well as outdoor LED Screens and rental/staging products. We follow a solutions-oriented approach with addition to or current products showcase. By this approach, we keep innovating and develop new products based on the customers’ needs, regardless of the size of the work. We have been honored by multiple awards for our products due to its one-of-its-kind and imaginative visual projects for a range of customers. We have gained knowledge from a myriad of demanding environments. This has helped us to develop reliable and cost-effective solutions and strives for creativity amplification.

What we do?

Our product line is divided into 3 categories based on the application desired – indoor, outdoor, and rental staging products.
• Indoor LED products include ECO Series, Flexible Modules, Interactive, LED Banner, Transparent LED, and Floor LED.
• Outdoor LED products include outdoor Cabinet, Advertising, Transparent LED, and Curtain LED.
• Rental LED products include Outdoor Cabinet, Advertising, Transparent LED, and Curtain LED.
We follow a solutions-based approach for the desired needs of the customer and thus, we offer the following solutions:
• Shop Signage LED Solutions – to help your customers engage visually with attractive displays about your stores and shops.
• Street Advertising LED Solutions – which acts as a powerful and eye-catching advertisement tool for intersections on busy roads as well as freeway exits
• Meeting Room LED Solutions –to act as a dynamic and interactive backdrop in conference halls, meeting rooms, and boardrooms, and add value to speeches and presentations with graphical data.
• Concerts & Events – for stage background and can provide a combination of vivid pictures and music for concerts and events.
• School – to introduce a modern and interactive platform for communication between teachers, students, and the community.


Our mission is to create visual technology by fostering partnerships and building customer-driven solutions firmly based on self-fulfillment, value creation, and embracing new opportunities. We aim to create the best value for our customers through high-end technology products and flawless services. We strive to keep innovating and bringing in new technologies to help cater to the needs of our customers.


We are leaders that strive to provide the development and production of visual and high-end LED technologies for the world. Our vision is to engage in creative leadership and invest in talent for bringing serving our customers with the top-services. We are committed to exceeding the international standards by delivering worldwide LED display solutions with our award-winning high-quality goods at unrivalled value.