How Social Media and Digital Signage Can Work for You?

How LED or Digital Signage Can Benefit You?

The current situation is the time where including facet of the market, businesses are rapidly revamping. In this dynamic world, digital life has stepped forward with myriad options out of which one is highly prominent. LED is contributing to the change and bringing new solutions for the organizations.

LED is a source where content, videos, products and services can reach the audience on a bigger platform yet in an apparent manner. Digital signage assists in promoting, recognizing, the information among users and enhancing the behavior effectively.

Digital signage can work for various given sources such as:

Offering Services

Paper services are still a part of businesses, whereas digital platform would help you transform the way you believe. It can aid in repair shops, restaurants, studios, salons and many more.


This LED display is a productive source for events, products, sales and so on. Any growing or grown business can utilize for advertising, graphics, ads, testimonials to embark new journey. It would not lead to hard work but definitely smart work.

Display Quotes

There are no boundaries on content or videos of advertisement. Entertainment is even a part where digital signage can be fruitful and help to display inspirational quotes, thoughts, messages to uplift the spirit of the audience.

Social Media

Among multiple options of LED usage, one is social media where connecting your social account like Instagram, Facebook, you can use the feeds directly and interact with the real world.

Calendar and Events

Let your viewers, customers stay informed with every passing or upcoming event. Your daily activities or appointments or any ongoing events is a way to mark your presence in the audience.

Does LED have a projected growth?

It is seamlessly an intriguing question as the trend of the digital world is on the boom. LEDs, digital signage, indoor LED, outdoor LED and many such illuminations are working wonders. In this stagnant growth of the market, LED business is escalating, giving chances to grow. The surveys have shown that utilization of digital platform high and anticipated to flourish more.

No doubt manual work has its own purpose and security; however, in the transforming world, the source is optimum.

Where can you buy it?

Well, there is no such difficulty to buy LED as several outlets are there to offer you. Among all, PixelPlus in UAE is the most common name to buy LEDs, digital signage etc. our team also assist in fulfilling the need of purchasing it on rent. We assist not only in apt product, but also in installation, hardware accessories and any related help. If you have a query, our team is happy to help you!


Are you unaware of the modern LED displays? Do you want to know more about this LED signage technology? Well, to consider varied resolutions, terms and elements come into contemplation out of which you can choose your supreme option. There are numerous indoor and outdoor displays to help you move forward with confidence!

What is LED?

LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode semiconductor device emitting light through it. It has a longer lifespan which can be utilized for all high-resolution purposes. It is highly seen in public and private spaces, working successfully for businesses and advertising.

What purpose can LED solve?

LEDs can be beneficial for multiple purposes such as:

  • It can help to customize the message to promote deals, inform users about services, introduce new products and advertising.
  • It can be effective in tailoring the content as per the market. On the other hand, it can enhance brand loyalty among customers.
  • It can make a product look effective and help users visualize it properly by seeing it on the LED.

How to choose the relevant size?

Another triggering factor for many users is the size to select for their LED. However, it is not a hard nut to crack as per the size and space, you can choose the appropriate LED. If you opt for indoors, LED would be placed in corners of the room or at the front to make the things visible to the audience. However, LED outdoor such as billboards or LED signage can be suitable where viewers have a passage.

What is pixel pitch?

Pixel pitch is the distance from one placed LED to the other LED which, gets measured in millimeters. In the case of a larger pixel pitch, the resolution would be lower, while in a small pixel pitch, the resolution would be higher. To confirm dimensions and technical points, you must consider an expert team that PixelPlus definitely possess. Our team resonate the requirements you have and work in a similar manner.

What is IP rating?

Among multiple technical points of LED, it could be possible that you are unsure about it. IP rating is two digits number showing the effectiveness of a sealing display. The first digit exhibits the ingress protection against dirt, dust and such elements, while the second secure from rain and other liquid things.

These terms might not be clear to you, and very rare explain about it; however, PixelPlus undoubtedly sells the finest products and make sure that purchased LED works efficiently.

Who can use LED?

Well, we deem that every running institution, business, organization, the school has the right to use it to grow. In the techno-based era, it is highly suggested to use ultra-tech LED to bring your business in front of users.

Let us change the world!

4 Best LED Wall Tips For Advertising

LED-wall and screen’s industry are exceeding at a whopping level. The high demand for LEDs and digital signage are thriving businesses much more than earlier times. Also, the corona pandemic has adversely modified the way people used to look at the market. Manual marketing is taken off by digital marketing with a boom.

With the change in techniques, the transformation in advertising patterns of companies is no different. Every budding company wants to flourish their business, and video wall technology has brought a substantial impact.

Now, just like tactics being used in other working criteria of organizations, to maximize the effect of advertising in this post, you will figure out fantastic ways to make the most use of digital signage.

  1. Regulate Your Viewers

Determining the audience is the most crucial step of any marketing strategy regardless of what you are doing digital marketing or manual. Understand the target audience, habits, intentions, market and then utilize the LED signage.

One of the ways to analyze the audience could be through a survey to know their motivations and interests in the business. This will bring clarity and vision that which direction you want to take your company in and what heights you have to achieve.

  • Set Apt Goals

Keep the right foot forward by having the appropriate goals. Know that what are you planning and how would you like to achieve it? Then the best possible answer would be digital signage where any content, video or message can be displayed.

Plan prior that what message you want to bring and who will follow the trend of your market.

  • Key is High Traffic Locations

The sole purpose of video walls, digital signage use is to generate traffic which is possible when you effectively perform marketing.  Also, you need to choose the perfect location for your LED.

LED-wall, either indoor LED or outdoor LED, can be a piece of cake if the perfect location is chosen for high traffic. Every displayed content, video can go viral if no obstacle stands in the way.

Moreover, you do not need to place it only where high traffic area is, but where people stop by and can catch the attention easily. To choose, there won’t be any obstacle around staircases, pillars, dividers etc.

  • View Effective Content

There is a high demand for useful yet effective content that can engage the audience, especially if you are using LED video wall signage. Make sure it should be next to impeccable short content for users to remember anywhere around.

Also, the video content needs to be engaging and attractive, depicting messages, flawless design and most importantly call-to-action. The message needs to be clear enough for everyone to view or understand.

Thinking to invest in the LED wall, think of PixelPlus, who is available to look into your matter!

How Video Walls can Benefit in Retail Sector and Mega Cities?

How Outdoor LED Display Can Help To Grow Business?

Are you aware of LED screen and display? Do you know how it functions and how can it be in use? With the change in time, multiple options are around that makes it necessary for you to know.

The time is here when everything is digitalized, and similarly, you even need to align your business through it. As the competition is increasing, the emphasis is moving from manual to the digital world. For that, outdoor LED display is a high-performance and a reasonable source for companies to embody innovation.

Outdoor LED screen helps to display the content efficiently, manage the material such as news, social media, promotional offers, discounts and company’s activities.

What is an Outdoor LED Display?

Outdoor LED Display, from its name, delineates ‘outdoor’, is a large billboard displaying information, adverts, content like videos, GIF and many more companies. Such screens are placed in open spaces to bring it in clear view.

There may be a point in your mind that it could damage, however despite the tough environment, it is efficient in ensuring reliability and display properly without any damage. It is lightning and waterproof, which makes it stand out of the box.

It serves multiple purposes of passing information, conveying a message, advertising and many more. Also, it can be used by hospitals, institutions, shopping malls, public notices etc.

How to assemble and control an outdoor LED screen?

Manufacturers and teams are having adequate knowledge of putting all the parts intact of the LED screen. Special attention is needed to place LED outdoor. Initially, it has to be taken up at the place where it will be set, and internal connectors will place it with ease.

Controlling LED needs proper sorting as most of the users prefer it remotely. Also, in today’s world, remote monitoring is easier and can be handled from anywhere.

What is the location to place LED?

Placing LED is really a considerable point as otherwise, it would serve no purpose. LED screen outdoors can help to cover a large proportion of viewers. For this, placing it at the apt location is essential. However, positioned area of LED must be accessible by a person to examine easily.

Once LED starts functioning, you will find a great change in the count of audience you attract and the areas where your service reaches.

LED screen is not for outdoor purposes but can effectively manoeuvre indoors. It is a technological source making your products and services in view and letting users not to forget it. For any query or to know more in-depth, PixelPlus is the right platform for you. We are always around to know your dilemma and suggest you the best possible solution.

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What is an LED wall and how it functions?

LED walls are large screens emitting light diodes displaying audio, visual and video content. To say it simply, it is a massive wall where perfect pictures videos can be digitalized in continuity. LED is a source that not only can make outdoor display attractive but even bring changes indoors.

How to choose an LED wall?

The market is flooded with numerous options having sizes, brightness, color, rates, maintenance, access and many more. However, you cannot trust any random person to buy it as technicalities are needed, and for this, PixelPlus is a well-known name in the LED industry.

Our customer support team assists in commercial, technical and many other important features. Our team comprehends the requirement, understands the purpose and suggests using it indoors, outdoor and behind the window glass.  Along with it, by knowing the perfect distance of the viewers from the screen, we assist the proper location.

Features of LED Wall

Numerous features of LED wall screen have swayed the market and technological world. The prior technical characteristic of the LED wall is the “pixel pitch” where the distance of adjacent pixels is understood properly. Also, the color setting, size of LED, setting of other LEDs at one place is checked meticulously.

How does it work?

LED walls are increasingly in demand among consultants, creatives, architects, designers who desire to digitize their products and services in a larger audience. PixelPlus is a name in UAE having roots around tech-savvy experts. Our work is to supply the best quality screen and promise to do the top-notch work.

We have our services running, giving remote management or even on-site management to make your job stress-free. Once we install it indoors or outdoors, in shopping malls or cinemas, television studios or at transportation junction, we keep a proper check.

Why to choose LED?

There is no doubt that people may contemplate its uses. The core reason is the attention of users, which is the fuel of your business. The updated content, great picturization and proper audio are what makes it unique and catchy for customers.

Bring outdoor can benefit from covering a large number of audience and help them get glued to your brand or service while indoor would bring clarity and every slide would make the audience know the detail properly.

Will it be expensive?

Well, depending on the product you choose and the features you want, the rates will vary. PixelPlus LED walls are under budget, and we believe that it would be a great investment for the coming future. Our products are quality checked and leave no corner unturned in specifications too.

We can gladly say that for all LED screen related queries, PixelPlus is always around.